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The store’s concept is very simple, carefully compile high end lines straight from the runway and we make them accessible to the savvy fashion forward clientele here in Qatar. More importantly, we co-­‐own and run the store as sisters. This is reflected in our stores concept. Eqlipse is split down the middle and on one half of the store we have our classier and more evening wear brands while on the other side we have our funkier and younger merchandise. We believe that this sets us apart from other multi-­‐brand stores since our clientele are not restricted to either dressy or casual. At Eqlipse our clients have a range to choose from. However, we would like to be more than just a store that limits itself to women’s wear, we would like to appeal to a wider audience and stock lifestyle supplies as well. Our vision at Eqlipse is to open up a one-­‐stop lifestyle store that stocks a variety of items that will appeal to the chic shoppers here in Qatar. For us here at Eqlipse we want to fill the niche on the market and provide the market here in Qatar with a store that fits in between high street and luxury. Having an affordable price point while still being fashion forward is essential.

We do not limit ourselves to clothing, we understand customers are after the most up-­‐to-­‐date lifestyle accessories as well, which is why we plan on stocking a range of beauty essentials, perfumes as well as a variety of accessories ranging from necklaces all the way to sunglasses.

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